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Chianti Rufina, 1985

Ruffino - Torgaio Special offer was £59.95 now £30. Sold as a novelty from the 1985 vintage and excluded from our guarantee.

1985 Ruffino - Torgaio has The typical characteristics, it exhibits a bright ruby colour which deepens to garnet with time, a fruity nose with black cherry and violets, with a more pronounced character of finesse when the wine undergoes ageing. The palate is balanced, fruity, slightly tannic which is refined over time to a soft and velvet taste.
Like Chianti Classico, which was part of the same set until it was awarded its own DOCG in 1996, Chianti Rufina is held in great esteem. It may lack the power and body that a Classico offers, yet this fragrant red is highly regarded for its exceptional character: it is fruity, elegant, well structured and worthy of ageing.

Price: £30.00 (1 in Stock)

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Five Roses , 1985

Leone di Castris- (Clearance sale/excluded from our guarantee, Now only £15- Sold only as a Curio/ Novelty from the Italian 1985 vintage).

Negroamaro, Black Malvasia of Lecce. Brilliant Cherry-Red Colour. Aroma. Heady scents of blueberry and red currant and a floral hint of rose.

Five Roses was one of Italy’s first quality rosé wines. The blend is 90% Negroamaro and 10% Malvasia Nera.

Price: £15.00 (7 in Stock)

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Salice, 1985

Leone di Castris. (Clearance sale- Was £49.95, Now only £27- Sold only as a Curio/ Novelty from the Italian 1985 vintage).

Salice Salentino is a DOC of the Puglia wine region in south-eastern Italy. Created in 1976, its original incarnation exclusively covered red wines, but the rules were modified first in 1990 and then again in 2010, and now permit white and rose wines too. The catchment area for the wines centers on the small town of Salice on the Salento peninsula, and spreads out to the north and west.

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